About Us

What we do at sankul foundation

Sankul is a group of dedicated development professionals with more than two decades of experience in working closely with the communities in the area of community mobilization, health care and socio-economic development. The group’s mission is to help poor families come out of abject poverty in a sustainable manner by adopting a holistic approach to poverty eradication. Sankul believes in empowering the community to tackle their challenges without a dependency syndrome.

Sankul aims to ensure that the rural poor women are organized socially; they participate effectively in financial, economic and political spheres through their own institutions; secure enhanced income levels and enjoy social security. The group does this in the following four ways:

1.Social Empowerment

Organize rural poor women into Self Help Groups, collectivize / federate them through motivational methods at cluster level and develop their capacities to sustain the same.

2.Financial empowerment

Facilitate credit linkage of SHGs (of rural poor women) with mainstream banking.

3.Economic Empowerment

Impart need based skill building training and establish / strengthen economic enterprises of women for enhanced household income. At least 60% of the women to have at least one sustainable source of income and enjoy social security.

4.Political Empowerment

Convergence with Panchayati Raj Institutions to sensitize and support women leaders to contribute effectively in local decision-making and to demand quality public services.

Members of the team have worked at the National level on the world’s largest poverty eradication program and gained wide experience and fi¬rst hand exposure to critical issues associated with poverty eradication interventions, both in India and abroad, several of those being piloted and anchored by them personally. They have experience in managing large funds and programs at National/State/District level. Working closely with government, corporates and international agencies, they have developed a network of professionals who can be associated with the project for significant value addition.